there is a word that rarely said by me

dad, I was used to seeing you everyday
I used to smile when I imagine your eyes :)
sometimes when I walk alone, when I cross a danger road I feel like I get a jealous to another children

I love you dad, and I miss the time when we could get together
I miss the time when you woke me up and got angry to me
am I wrong dad? am I too curious to my self?

dad, when I wake up in the morning, I make a point to the window and see the outside of the house
I can see the sunshine, it shine brightly
I could understan, yes I could. Without this may be I won't get a worried to keep my self and won't get a will to be right human

dad,sorry for being a naughty girl, sorry for making you cried
I'm so sorry dad for a lot of things that made you sad. I haven't make a valuable things for you
may be someday when I decided to go away and choose my own way, my own destination
you'll get say "my girl has grown up"
it is a terrible thing. sometime I feel like I don't to be adult because I always want to be your daughter forever
but I know,it can't  be
I'll grow up and I've to think about my journey
about my future and my life

don't you see? I've tried to guide my self , but I'm alright, because I've gown up an I could do everything by myself
sorry for being arogant and selfish
I love you dad and I'll be always your nice daughter, you're the best father ever


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