I shouldn't...

let me say about something

I've been here,for long time
I've got many experiences,friends,and the real meaning of my Lord and Islam


I've ever promised to love you, eventhough there would be many things that not easy to be passed
and I've ever cried of you,cause you're so presticious
but that's not the problem

I read an article that is written by my senior
it's about  it..
and what happened after that?
 I felt sad(again?) how come!
everyone has their own right to express their opinion. and I shouldn't feel sad
I know that some part of it has been missing since the first time I come to it
but,the reality show that I still feel the same feeling of it, LOVE

why should I got down of one opinion?
yeah,that's so foolish

you know what?...
may be you can not feel what I feel of it
I have a big passion to protect it
to be always in the way of Allah
and to share what I know about Islam and tell everyone to be proud of being a moslem

SSKI V..has changed me..
and I got a lot of valuable things in Islam cause of it
it has thaugh me how to behave, how to listen,how to say politely,and how to be moslem
and may be it's not only happened on me,but a lot of my friends
and also,it has made me met them in the hospitally atmosphere

I'd like to say sorry from the deepest part of my heart
for everyone who feels that SSKI V has been changed...
for  everyone who thinks that SSKI V just for 'exclusive' people...
as a human, I realize that I've made  a lot of mistakes, especially among this year

and Allah,please let me do the best in the end


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